The Impact Awards
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Winners, Hall of fame and finalists

Congratulations to the winners of 2015. This incredible achievement means that the international leaders and influencers of South Australia consider these companies to primed for profound growth due to world class capabilities. They will receive dedicated support from the South Australian business community to globalise the economy.




CEO Ray Blight


Kelly engineering


Kelly Engineering

Director Jo Kelly




Spectra QEST

Director Stephan Mavrakis


Hall of Fame

Congratulations Frank Seeley. Since 1972, you have pioneered the industry, employing over 15,000 people, with continual impact for the good of South Australia. All of South Australia will benefit from your relentless pursuit towards $1 Billion in sales, generating high value employment and acting as an exemplary ambassador for our State.


Hall of Fame Winner

Frank Seeley



These finalists passed through a rigorous process to be recognised for having exceptional capability to compete globally.



What makes this finalist special is their range of building material products which are water based or made from 100% natural ingredients; a good thing for the environment and end-user. Axis products contain no toxins or solvents, but actually perform better than competitors’ solvent based products. Axis products have faster curing times, more strength and are easier to use. For commercial and civil construction projects, this saves a lot of time and resources for waterproofing, pavement protection and the restoration of wooden structures.

Blue Crystal Solutions

Global companies rely upon the availability and integrity of their data on a 24x7 basis. Blue Crystal’s, BlueDiamond software automates the monitoring of mission critical data systems to proactively detect potential problems and prevent errors, corruption or performance issues from occurring. Being proactive means problems can be detected early and preventative actions can be taken to resolve the underlying cause, often before customers even know that they have an issue. Remote monitoring of customers’ systems provides significant cost savings, negating the need for expensive IT professionals.

Fluid Management Technology

Regarded as the ‘iPod” of the industry, Fluid Management Technology’s SmartFill GEN2 product has revolutionised the ease of set-up, use and value proposition for companies with large fleets and their own fuel supply/depot. The SmartFill GEN2 provides valuable and easy to use data for seamless financial control of fuel use and account reconciliation, eliminating an error prone and resource hungry process. Using a smart component based system means that any faults to the unit do not require a qualified technician - a common and expensive problem with competitor products. With remote diagnosis, most issues can be resolved without further intervention.


This finalist delivers solutions based on highly advanced robotic systems for manufacturing companies who must compete globally, by significantly reducing labour from their product cost. The technology also recognises that to truly compete against lower cost manufacturers, product quality and production line efficiency must also feature strongly. Their mission is to help manufacturing companies in high cost economies remain competitive and indeed thrive against low cost economies.

Workspace Commercial Furniture

With the international market flooded by cheap office furniture, increased competition and global expansion of large international players, Workspace commercial remains competitive and growing. Using a complete end-to-end offer, they ensure value is added to customer needs and demands, from consultation on how to create the perfect fit out, to customised manufacturing on a mass scale. They also ensure that logistics and installation are part of the package, which is a unique and valuable means to fend off both world class and cheap competitors.